First, my name is Chris. Nice to meet you. I live in Vienna, Austria, which has been chosen as the most livable city in the world in 2018 (and prior) by some terribly important committees.
My photography experience
I started to photograph more than 25 years ago after I got my first camera from my dad ... you know the story. Fast forward to the year 2000.
I worked as a concert and event photographer for almost 10 years. Then, after a trip to Norway in 2007, where I was lucky to experience an Aurora Borealis, I focused (pun intended) on travel photography.
I uploaded some of those old concert and travel photos in a gallery on this site.
The shift to iPhone only photography
During a trip to Las Vegas in 2012 I had enough to lug all the heavy DSLR equipment around. I felt more like a pack mule than a traveler. So, the next day, that stuff had to stay in the hotel room and I spent a day photographing with iPhone only.  
Satisfied with the results and after experimenting a little more, I sold my DSLR equipment in 2013 and turned to iPhone only photography with all its yeas and nays.
Today I shoot, manage, edit, backup and share my travel photos on the go using an iPhone (and occasionally an iPad, which has almost completely replaced a desktop & laptop for me).
What's going on here?
On this web-site, I'm sharing exactly 42 photos of my personal, favorite, iPhone photos I took during my trips. As a kind of "special exhibition", I'm curating a gallery of 42 iPhone photos of lost places I took in Austria, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and the United States.
In case you wonder why I share exactly 42 photos per gallery, you can find the answer in this Wikipedia article.
I'll keep updating the galleries here several times a year. Whenever I add a new photo, an older one will be removed.
Enjoy my iPhone photo portfolio and the lost places special. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

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